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Jireh's Place Programs

Through established partnerships and programming, Jireh's Place girls programs are designed to empower and equip girls through mentorship, the Jireh's Place curriculum, and more. We find the guidance provided through our program mentors and the comradeship built amongst the fellowship of girls, fosters hope, motivation and supplies life lessons that build character and birth purpose.  For more information regarding our programs please use the contact form below. 

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Alexandria School
Charter Club

The Alexandria School Character Club program is designed for youth in the 3rd -8th grade within the Alexandria, Virginia Public Schools Link Club after-school program. Jireh’s Place provides programming around character and life skills development. Youth are selected by the school for participation of this program. 

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Girls Mentoring

The Girls Mentoring Program is the heart of the Jireh’s Place organization, with 10 years of providing mentorship programs to girls.  This program is designed for youth in the 3rd to 12th grade. With weekly group sessions, our program mentors provide girls with the development of leadership qualities; character and life skills development; establishment of healthy relationships; community service opportunities; and a myriad of other goals. The programs meet throughout the school year both virtually and in person and are located in various cities, states and now in Accra, Ghana

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International Mentoring

Jireh's Place Accra, Ghana

for girls ages 12-17. 

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Jireh's Place

The mission of Jireh's Place is to equip and empower young ladies with the necessary resources and tools for successful living.

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